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Precision CNC TURNING CNC LATHING CNC Precision Turned Parts for Fast Sample Delivery

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Precision CNC TURNING CNC LATHING CNC Precision Turned Parts for Fast Sample Delivery

Product Details:

Detailed Product Description
Combination: Tray Payment: TT, West Union
Port: Shenzhen, Dongguan Drawing Format: PDF/DWG/IGS/STP/ Etc,DWG,PDF
Application: Machinery Scrap Rate: 1%
Type Of Machining: Precision CNC TURNING CNC LATHING Feature: Convenient/ Useful/ Portable

Product Description:

Product Overview of CNC Turning Parts

CNC Turning Parts, also known as CNC Auto Parts, are custom-made components produced through the process of CNC Turning Machining. They are widely used in machinery applications due to their high precision and quality. With a sample delivery time of only one week and a tolerance level of ±0.01mm, these parts are the ideal choice for manufacturers who require quick turnaround and accurate dimensions.

The production of CNC Turning Parts involves the use of advanced CNC machines, which are computer-controlled machines that can produce complex and precise parts with speed and accuracy. This ensures that every part is manufactured to the exact specifications required by the customer.

One of the key features of CNC Turning Parts is their high level of precision. With a tolerance level of ±0.01mm, these parts are able to meet the strict requirements of machinery applications. This precision also helps to reduce the scrap rate to only 1%, making CNC Turning Parts a cost-effective choice for manufacturers.

Moreover, CNC Turning Parts are highly customizable. They can be designed and produced to meet the specific needs of different machinery applications. This makes them a versatile choice for manufacturers who require different types of custom CNC parts for their machinery.

CNC Turning Parts are available for delivery from the ports of Shenzhen and Dongguan, which are located in the Guangdong province of China. These ports are well-equipped with modern facilities and have a reputation for efficient shipping, ensuring that the parts are delivered to customers in a timely manner.

In conclusion, CNC Turning Parts are the perfect solution for manufacturers in need of high-quality, precision machined parts for their machinery. With their quick sample delivery, high precision, versatility, and efficient shipping options, these parts are the top choice for producing custom CNC parts.


  • Product Name: CNC Turning Parts
  • Package: Customized Package
  • Type Of Machining: Precision CNC TURNING CNC LATHING
  • The Tolerance: ±0.01mm
  • Port: Shenzhen, Dongguan
  • Feature:
    • Convenient
    • Useful
    • Portable
  • Key Words:
    • CNC Automotive Parts
    • CNC Turning Component
    • CNC Machine Automotive Parts

Technical Parameters:

Item Plastic Injection Parts
Scrap Rate 1%
Port Shenzhen, Dongguan
Sample Delivery Within One Week
Type Of Machining Precision CNC TURNING CNC LATHING
Combination Tray
Package Customized Package
Feature Convenient/ Useful/ Portable
Color Silver
The Tolerance ±0.01mm
Keywords CNC Machine Parts, CNC Electronic Parts, CNC Turn Mill Parts


CNC Turning Parts - Application and Scene

CNC Turning Parts are widely used in various industries, especially in the automotive industry. With its precision and efficiency, it has become an essential component in the production of automotive parts. Let's take a closer look at the application and scene of CNC Turning Parts.


CNC Turning Parts are used in the manufacturing process of automotive parts, such as engine components, transmission parts, and suspension systems. They are also widely used in the production of other mechanical components, such as pumps, valves, and gears.

The use of CNC Turning Parts has greatly improved the production efficiency and accuracy in the automotive industry. With its advanced technology, it can produce complex and precise parts that are crucial for the performance of vehicles.


In a CNC machine shop, we can see CNC Machine Automotive Parts being produced by CNC Lathe Turning Parts. The CNC Turning Part is a key component in the process, where raw materials are shaped and turned into the desired parts.

The workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools, all controlled by computer programs. The operators are highly skilled and trained to operate the machines and ensure the quality of the parts produced.

In the automotive factory, we can see the combination of CNC Turning Parts, along with other mechanical components, forming the engine, transmission, and suspension systems of a vehicle. These parts work together seamlessly to ensure the smooth operation and performance of the vehicle.

Product Attributes
  • Turning: Available
  • Drawing Format: PDF/DWG/IGS/STP/Etc, DWG, PDF
  • Color: Silver
  • Combination: Tray
  • Feature: Convenient/ Useful/ Portable

The CNC Turning Parts are available in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for different applications. They can also be customized according to specific requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for each product.

The drawing format of the parts is compatible with commonly used formats, such as PDF, DWG, IGS, and STP, making it easier for engineers to use them in their designs.

The silver color of the parts gives them a sleek and modern look, making them stand out in any product they are used in. The combination of CNC Turning Parts in a tray offers convenience in storage and transportation.

Overall, the CNC Turning Parts are not only useful in the production of automotive parts, but also in various other industries. They are portable and can be easily integrated into different products, making them a versatile component in the manufacturing process.


CNC Turning Parts Customization Service

At Shenzhen and Dongguan , we offer high quality and precision CNC Turning Parts customization service that combines CNC Turning and milling to meet your specific needs.

Our Custom CNC Turning Parts are perfect for your Tray and Plastic Injection Parts needs, ensuring a 1% scrap rate for cost efficiency.

With our advanced technology and skilled team, we guarantee convenient , useful , and portable CNC turning machining parts that meet your exact requirements.

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