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Anti-perch Anti-roost Strips Keep Your Property Safe with Anti-perch Technology

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Anti-perch Anti-roost Strips Keep Your Property Safe with Anti-perch Technology

China Anti-perch Anti-roost Strips Keep Your Property Safe with Anti-perch Technology supplier

Large Image :  Anti-perch Anti-roost Strips Keep Your Property Safe with Anti-perch Technology

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Delivery Time: 7
Detailed Product Description
Feature: Protection Pest Type: Birds,gulls And Other Birds,pigeon
Spike Height: 11 Cm Installation Method: Adhesive Or Screw
Easy To Install: Yes Base Width: 2.2 Cm
Target Bird: All Species Suitable For: Outdoor Use

Product Description:

The Stop Bird Roosting Spikes are an effective and humane solution designed to prevent birds from roosting and nesting on surfaces such as roofs, ledges, and fences. These spikes are essential for property owners who face challenges with birds, such as pigeons or seagulls, that often nest in unwanted areas, causing damage and leaving behind droppings that can lead to health hazards and unsightly messes. The strategic placement of these spikes ensures that birds cannot land, prompting them to move on to a different location without causing them harm.

Each set of Anti-nesting Spike Strips is meticulously packed to ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition, ready for installation. The packaging options include a standard carton or a white or color box, providing flexibility and convenience for retailers and end-users alike. The professional packaging not only ensures the safety of the product during transit but also makes storage and handling a breeze for those stocking or purchasing these bird control solutions.

The base length of each spike strip measures a handy 48cm, allowing for extensive coverage when installed end-to-end. This length is ideal for treating various sizes of perimeters without the need for significant cutting or alterations. Whether you're safeguarding a small residential balcony or a large commercial building, these spikes can be adapted to fit the required dimensions with minimal effort and waste.

With a spike height of 11cm, the Stop Bird Roosting Spikes are tall enough to deter even the most persistent birds. The height of the spikes is a critical factor in preventing birds from gaining a foothold, which effectively deters them from attempting to land. The pointed design, while harmless to birds, is uncomfortable for them to touch, ensuring that they will not attempt to settle or nest on the treated surfaces.

Installing the Anti-nesting Spike Strips is designed to be a straightforward process, with the ease of installation being a significant feature of this product. The base of the spikes can be easily attached to most surfaces with the use of screws, adhesive, or tie downs. The flexibility in installation methods means that they can be secured firmly to a variety of materials, including metal, wood, concrete, and plastic. Additionally, the strips can be easily cut to size with standard tools, allowing for a custom fit on irregularly shaped edges or corners.

The design of these spikes is not only functional but also discreet. Once installed, they blend in with the architecture, providing an unobtrusive solution to bird control. The durability of the materials used ensures that the spikes can withstand various weather conditions, from intense sunlight to heavy rain, maintaining their effectiveness over time without the need for frequent replacements.

In summary, the Stop Bird Roosting Spikes serve as a reliable and ethical method to safeguard properties from unwanted bird nesting and roosting. The thoughtful packaging, suitable base length, adequate spike height, and the simplicity of installation make these Anti-nesting Spike Strips a top choice for both commercial and residential use. By choosing these bird control spikes, property owners can maintain clean and safe environments while coexisting with nature without resorting to harmful measures.


  • Product Name: Bird spikes
  • Maintenance: Low Maintenance
  • Target Bird: All Species
  • Installation Method: Adhesive Or Screw
  • Color: Silver
  • Application: Roofs, Ledges, Fences, Etc.
  • Anti-perch Anti-roost Strips
  • Roof Bird Spike Strips
  • Anti-climbing Pigeon Pins

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Detail
Base Length 48cm
Feature Protection (Roof Bird Spike Strips, Anti-perch Anti-roost Strips)
Color Silver
Packing Carton, White Or Color Box
Application Roofs, Ledges, Fences, Etc. (Avian Spike System)
Length 10 Inches
Target Bird All Species
Pest Type Birds, Gulls And Other Birds, Pigeon
Maintenance Low Maintenance
Suitable For Outdoor Use


Bird spikes, originating from China, are a humane and effective solution designed to prevent birds such as pigeons, gulls, and other bird types from roosting and nesting in unwanted areas. With a minimum order quantity of just 10 units and a quick delivery time of approximately 7 days, these anti-climbing pigeon pins are accessible for immediate needs to protect your property.

The bird spikes are 1 inch in width with a base width of 2.2 cm, making them an unobtrusive yet efficient deterrent. They are typically used in various scenarios where bird presence is a nuisance or could lead to damage or health hazards. For example, the stop bird roosting spikes can be installed on roofs, ledges, windowsills, fences, and other similar structures where birds are prone to land and nest.

One of the primary application occasions for these prevent bird landing spikes is in urban areas where pigeons and other birds tend to congregate. Building owners can install these spikes to protect the aesthetics of their structures and prevent the accumulation of bird droppings, which can corrode building materials and cause unsanitary conditions.

In addition to urban settings, these bird spikes can be used in agricultural and industrial sites. They serve as a protective measure to prevent birds from contaminating produce or machinery, potentially saving the site owners significant cleanup costs and reducing health risks associated with bird-borne diseases.

Historical landmarks and public spaces can also benefit from the discrete protection offered by these spikes. By installing them on statues, park benches, and other public structures, maintenance crews can preserve the integrity and cleanliness of these communal spaces without causing harm to the wildlife.

Moreover, the bird spikes are a non-lethal alternative to other bird control methods, making them an environmentally responsible choice. They are designed to merely deter birds from landing and do not harm them, aligning with animal welfare considerations while ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the protected areas.

With the ease of installation and maintenance, these bird spikes are a go-to solution for property managers, homeowners, and facility operators looking to mitigate the challenges posed by bird invasions effectively. Whether the concern is damage to property, health risks, or simply the need for a clean, bird-free environment, these spikes provide a reliable line of defense against feathered pests.


Place of Origin: China

Minimum Order Quantity: 10

Delivery Time: Approximately 7 days

Target Bird: Effective for all species

Spike Height: 11 cm, designed to prevent birds from landing or nesting

Maintenance: Low maintenance required for this durable avian spike system

Packing: Securely packed in carton, available in white or color box for your convenience

Width: Each anti-nesting spike strip measures 1 inch in width for optimal coverage

Protect your property with our high-quality feathered friend repellent strips. Our anti-nesting spike strips are the perfect humane solution to deter birds without causing them harm.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our bird spikes are packaged in durable, eco-friendly materials designed to protect the product during transit and minimize environmental impact. Each set of spikes is encased in a protective sleeve to prevent damage to the spikes or injury to handlers. The packaging is clearly labeled with product information, installation instructions, and safety warnings.

Shipping: The packaged bird spikes are shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Each box is securely sealed and labeled with the recipient's address and a fragile warning to ensure careful handling by carriers. We offer standard and expedited shipping options to meet your delivery needs. Tracking information is provided so you can monitor your package's journey to your doorstep.

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