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Ski pole Round Shaft Aluminum Alloy Backcountry Ski Rods Rubber Grip Twist Lock Steel Tip Adjustable Length

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Ski pole Round Shaft Aluminum Alloy Backcountry Ski Rods Rubber Grip Twist Lock Steel Tip Adjustable Length

Detailed Product Description
Usage: Skiing Shaft Shape: Round
Length: Adjustable Material: Aluminum Alloy
Locking Mechanism: Twist Lock Tip: Steel
Grip: Rubber Suitable For: All Levels

Ski pole

Product Description:

Embark on your next alpine adventure with confidence using our premium Ski Poles, designed meticulously for both backcountry exploration and cross-country pursuits. These poles are a testament to superior craftsmanship, integrating a robust twist-lock mechanism that ensures your poles stay at the desired length, providing stability and support as you traverse varied terrains. Whether you're navigating through dense tree runs or gliding over expansive snowy plains, these ski poles are your steadfast companions.

Constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, these poles promise durability and lightweight handling without compromising on strength. The material quality of aluminum alloy offers the perfect balance between being lightweight for easy maneuverability and being strong enough to withstand the rigors of aggressive skiing. This careful selection of material underscores the poles' suitability for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned skiers looking to push their limits in the backcountry.

Ergonomically designed with skiers in mind, the grip is fashioned from soft yet durable rubber, providing a comfortable and secure hold. The rubber grip is crafted to reduce hand fatigue and ensure control, allowing you to keep a firm grasp on your poles throughout your ski session. The grip's texture and shape are engineered to fit naturally in your hands, providing a tactile experience that enhances your connection to the poles and, by extension, to the snow beneath you.

These versatile Ski Poles feature a traditional round shaft shape that is universally preferred for its reliability and ease of use. The round shaft allows for an even distribution of force, granting skiers the ability to navigate and propel themselves with precision and grace. Whether you're involved in competitive cross-country ski sticks races or simply enjoying a leisurely day on the slopes, the round shaft shape ensures that your technique remains unencumbered by equipment limitations.

One of the most critical components of these ski poles is their locking mechanism. Our poles are equipped with a reliable twist-lock system that is both intuitive and secure. This locking mechanism allows for quick adjustments, letting skiers adapt to varying snow conditions and terrain types with ease. The twist lock is designed to hold firmly once set, giving you peace of mind that your poles will maintain their length even during the most demanding backcountry ski rods expeditions.

Designed for skiing aficionados who demand the best in their equipment, these Ski Poles are not just tools but extensions of the skier's will and skill. They have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they perform under the pressures of real-world backcountry conditions. The aluminum alloy shafts glint in the winter sun, signaling robustness and reliability, while the rubber grips promise comfort and command over your trajectory.

To further enhance your skiing experience, these poles are balanced to provide an optimal swing weight, allowing for fluid and rhythmic motion as you plant and push off on your journey across the snow. The attention to detail extends to the inclusion of sturdy, snow-shedding baskets that help prevent the poles from sinking too deeply into soft snow, thus maintaining your momentum and efficiency.

In conclusion, whether you're tackling steep descents, navigating through tight spaces, or simply enjoying the serenity of a backcountry trek, our Ski Poles are designed to meet the demands of various skiing styles and environments. With a twist-lock mechanism for secure length adjustment, comfortable rubber grips, a sturdy aluminum alloy construction, and a round shaft shape for even force distribution, these poles are the ultimate accessory for any ski enthusiast looking to elevate their mountain experience. Your search for the quintessential backcountry ski rods ends here; embrace the mountains with confidence and control.



  • Product Name: Ski pole
  • Shaft Shape: Round
  • Tip: Steel
  • Shock Absorption: None
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Package Includes: 1 Pair Of Ski Poles
  • Keywords: Freestyle Ski Masts, Skiing Poles, Cross-Country Ski Sticks

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Material Aluminum Alloy
Locking Mechanism Twist Lock
Strap Adjustable
Grip Rubber
Shaft Shape Round
Basket Small
Weight Lightweight
Color Black
Length Adjustable
Tip Steel


The Ski pole product, designed with a traditional round shaft shape, offers a classic and aerodynamic profile that is preferred by many skiers. This round design ensures that the pole cuts through the air and snow with minimal resistance, allowing for smoother and more efficient movement on the slopes. Whether used as a Snow Hiking Staff or as Backcountry Ski Rods, these poles provide the necessary support and balance for both amateur and professional enthusiasts.

One of the key features of these ski poles is the adjustable strap, which provides a secure and comfortable fit for any hand size. This attribute makes the poles highly versatile, allowing them to be easily shared between users or adjusted for different glove thicknesses. Whether on a long mountain trek or a short downhill run, the adjustable strap ensures that the poles remain firmly in hand, reducing the risk of dropping them and enhancing the skier's control and safety.

While some poles incorporate shock absorption features, these Ski poles are designed without them, offering a direct and unfiltered connection between the skier and the terrain. This design choice is particularly beneficial for Mountain Trekking Poles, where the precise feedback from the ground is essential for navigating through challenging and variable conditions. Skiers who prefer a more traditional and pure skiing experience will appreciate the undiluted response provided by these poles.

The lightweight nature of these poles is another significant advantage, especially for those engaging in backcountry adventures or long treks. The reduced weight lessens arm fatigue, allowing skiers to conserve energy and perform at their best for longer periods. Lightweight Backcountry Ski Rods are particularly beneficial when climbing steep inclines or traversing vast expanses of snow, where every ounce matters.

Lastly, the grip of the Ski pole product is crafted from rubber, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold even in wet or icy conditions. The rubber material provides excellent insulation, keeping hands warmer and preventing slippage caused by moisture. Whether used as a Snow Hiking Staff to ascend a snowy peak or as Mountain Trekking Poles on a frosty trail, the rubber grip offers reliability and comfort for every user.

In summary, with their round shaft, adjustable strap, absence of shock absorption, lightweight build, and rubber grip, these Ski poles are an ideal choice for a range of activities including snow hiking, mountain trekking, and backcountry skiing. They are engineered to enhance the user's performance and enjoyment in various winter sport scenarios.



Package Includes: 1 Pair Of Ski Poles, perfect for your next alpine adventure. Whether you're using them as an Alpine Ski Staff or a Snow Hiking Staff, these versatile skiing poles are designed for your winter sports needs.

Strap: Equipped with an adjustable strap, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit as you navigate the slopes. Adjust the fit to your preference to enhance your skiing experience.

Locking Mechanism: Our Skiing Poles feature a reliable twist lock system, making it easy to adjust the length of the poles for optimal performance. Whether you're tackling a steep incline or cruising downhill, the twist lock keeps your poles at the perfect length.

Usage: Specifically designed for skiing, these poles are the ideal companion for your downhill and cross-country skiing trips. Their sturdy construction makes them suitable for skiers of all levels.

Shaft Shape: The shaft of these Skiing Poles is round, providing a comfortable grip and enhancing aerodynamics as you glide across the snow.


Support and Services:

Our Ski Pole Product Technical Support and Services are dedicated to providing you with all the assistance you need to get the most out of your ski poles. We offer comprehensive support for any technical issues you may encounter, as well as helpful advice on maintenance and product use. Our services include troubleshooting, repair guidance, and tips on optimizing performance. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and safety while using our products.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Your ski poles will be securely packaged in a durable, weather-resistant sleeve, ensuring they remain protected from the elements and any potential transit damage. Each pole will be individually wrapped to prevent scratches, with additional padding provided at the tips and grips for extra safety. The packaging will be lightweight yet robust to maintain the integrity of your ski poles while minimizing shipping costs.

Shipping: We ship our ski poles with care and efficiency to get them to you as quickly as possible. We use trusted carriers and provide tracking information so you can follow your order's journey to your doorstep. Your ski poles will be dispatched within 24 hours of order placement, and you can expect delivery within the estimated time frame provided at checkout, depending on your selected shipping method. Please inspect your package upon arrival to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

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