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Gas filled Discharge Tube for Gas Appliances Screw in Threaded Connection 1000 Psi

Good quality Gas tube for sales
Good quality Gas tube for sales
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Gas filled Discharge Tube for Gas Appliances Screw in Threaded Connection 1000 Psi

Detailed Product Description
Usage: Gas Appliances Package Contents: 1 Gas Tube
Installation Method: Screw-in Weight: 0.5 Lbs
Length: 16 Inches Maximum Pressure: 1000 Psi
Connection Type: Threaded Compatibility: Natural Gas, Propane, Butane

Product Description:

The Gas Tube product is an essential component for a wide range of gas management applications. This highly versatile and durable gas tube is specifically designed to cater to systems that require a reliable conduit for natural gas, propane, and butane. Its construction ensures that it meets the highest standards for safety and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial uses.

With a diameter of 1 inch, this gas tube provides an optimal flow rate that is suitable for a variety of gas appliances and systems. The size is a standard measure that ensures compatibility with many fittings and connectors, which simplifies the installation process and ensures that the tube can be integrated seamlessly into existing setups without the need for extensive modifications or special adapters.

One of the most significant features of this Gas Tube is its certifications. It is UL Listed and CSA Certified, which attests to its compliance with strict safety standards and quality controls. These certifications are crucial as they provide users with the assurance that the product has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to meet or exceed industry safety guidelines. This means that customers can trust in the reliability and safety of the gas tube when it is used under normal operating conditions.

The material of the Gas Tube is stainless steel, which is renowned for its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is an ideal material for gas transportation as it ensures the integrity of the gas tube over time, even under harsh environmental conditions. Its resistance to rust and corrosion also means that the gas tube maintains a clean and obstruction-free path for the gas, thereby ensuring consistent performance and reducing the likelihood of leaks or blockages.

Compatibility is a key aspect of this Gas Tube. It is designed to work efficiently with natural gas, propane, and butane. This broad compatibility makes it a versatile choice for various gas systems, including residential heating, commercial cooking appliances, or industrial gas distribution networks. Whether the application calls for high-pressure delivery or low-pressure usage, this gas tube can handle it with ease.

Each package of the Gas Tube contains a single gas tube, allowing for targeted replacement or installation. The inclusion of one gas tube per package ensures that customers can purchase the exact number of tubes needed for their project without unnecessary excess. The packaging itself is designed to protect the tube during transit and storage, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition, ready for immediate use.

This Gas Tube can also be described as a gas-discharge rectifier, a term that signifies its capability to safely direct the flow of gas from one point to another. The term 'gas-discharge rectifier' traditionally refers to electrical gas-filled tubes that control current flow. However, in the context of this product, it underscores the tube's role in the proper discharge or conveyance of gas within a system.

Furthermore, the Gas Tube serves as a gas discharge tube, providing a secure and efficient pathway for gas to be channeled through a system. This term, 'gas discharge tube', is often associated with devices that protect against overvoltage by discharging excess electrical energy. While the Gas Tube does not serve an electrical protection function, it does share the concept of controlling the discharge of a medium – in this case, the safe and regulated flow of gas fuels.

In summary, this Gas Tube is an exemplary product for managing the flow of gas fuels such as natural gas, propane, and butane. Its certified safety, robust stainless steel material, and compatibility with common gas types make it an indispensable component in the gas industry. Whether for routine maintenance, system upgrades, or new installations, this Gas Tube stands out as a reliable, efficient, and safe choice for professionals and homeowners alike.


  • Product Name: Gas tube
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Pressure: 1000 Psi
  • Package Contents: 1 Gas Tube
  • Diameter: 1 Inch
  • Connection Type: Threaded
  • Often used in Gas-discharge rectifier applications
  • Can be a component in Gas-filled tube devices
  • Suitable for Electric gas-filled lamp assemblies

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Weight 0.5 Lbs
Diameter 1 Inch
Package Contents 1 Gas Tube
Length 16 Inches
Certifications UL Listed, CSA Certified
Installation Method Screw-in
Color Silver
Type Straight
Usage Gas Appliances
Compatibility Natural Gas, Propane, Butane


The stainless steel gas tube with its threaded connection type is an essential component designed for a variety of applications where secure and reliable gas containment and transport are necessary. Its primary use is within the realm of lighting, particularly in the construction and maintenance of high-pressure discharge lamps, electric discharge tubes, and gas discharge lamps.

This straight type gas tube comes as a single unit in its package, ensuring that clients receive a robust product ready for immediate use. The screw-in installation method offers a convenient and straightforward approach to setup, allowing professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to easily incorporate it into their systems. The inherent durability of the stainless steel material guarantees long-term performance, even when subjected to the rigors of high-pressure gas handling.

High-pressure discharge lamps, which are widely used in areas requiring bright illumination such as streetlights, parking lots, and stadiums, rely on the integrity of components like our gas tube. The threaded connection ensures a gas-tight seal, which is critical for the safety and efficiency of these lamps. Similarly, the electric discharge tube, a key component in various industrial and scientific apparatus, benefits from the gas tube's robust construction, ensuring that gases are directed precisely where needed without the risk of leakage.

In the context of gas discharge lamps, which include neon lights and fluorescent tubes, the gas tube serves as an integral part of the overall structure. These lamps are popular in both commercial and residential settings, requiring components that can withstand the constant on-and-off cycling. The stainless steel material of the gas tube resists corrosion and wear, making it an ideal choice for such demanding applications.

Furthermore, the gas tube's design caters to specialty applications, where a non-reactive and clean connection is crucial. Laboratories and research facilities often employ gas tubes in experimental setups and chemical processes, where the integrity of the material and connection type can significantly affect the outcome of experiments.

In conclusion, the threaded, straight-type stainless steel gas tube is a versatile and indispensable product catered to a wide array of scenarios, from lighting to scientific research. Its ease of installation, combined with a package that includes everything needed for a screw-in setup, makes it a highly sought-after component for any application involving the containment and transfer of gases.


Enhance your gas appliances with our premium Gas Tube, tailored to meet your high standards and specific needs. Our Product Customization Services ensure that each tube is a perfect fit for your application.

Package Contents: Each order includes 1 Gas Tube , meticulously crafted to serve as a crucial component in devices such as Gas-discharge rectifiers , Electric gas-filled lamps , and Gas discharge lamps .

Temperature Range: Engineered to withstand extreme conditions, this Gas Tube operates efficiently within a temperature range of -40°F to 200°F , ensuring reliability and durability.

Length: Precision-cut to a standard 16 inches , our Gas Tube can also be customized to match specific length requirements for specialized applications.

Weight: With a lightweight design, each tube weighs only 0.5 lbs , making it easy to handle and install.

Usage: Specifically designed for use in Gas Appliances , our Gas Tube provides a seamless and efficient connection, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Support and Services:

Our Gas Tube Product is designed for high reliability and performance. To ensure you get the most out of your product, we provide comprehensive technical support and services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to addressing any questions or issues you may have regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of your gas tube.

Our support services include detailed product documentation, an extensive FAQ section on our website, and troubleshooting guides to help you resolve common problems quickly and efficiently. We also offer regular maintenance tips to keep your gas tube functioning at its best.

For complex issues or technical inquiries, our technical support team is available to provide personalized assistance. We are committed to providing timely and accurate responses to ensure your gas tube operates safely and effectively.

Please note that while we strive to provide exceptional support, our services do not cover damages resulting from improper use, unauthorized modifications, or external factors beyond our control. We recommend adhering to all safety guidelines and operating procedures provided with your gas tube product.

Thank you for choosing our Gas Tube Product. We are here to support you and ensure your satisfaction with our services.

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