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Pure White Zinc Oxide Powder Zn2 ≥75% 99.7% Purity for Antimicrobial Protection

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Pure White Zinc Oxide Powder Zn2 ≥75% 99.7% Purity for Antimicrobial Protection

Product Details:

Detailed Product Description
Indicator: Pb≤20 As≤5 Cd≤8 Surface Area≥30m²/g Chemical Formula: ZnO
Percent: 99.5% 99.7% Solubility In Water: Negligible
Melting Point: 1,975°C Main Element Content: Zn2+≥75%
Appearance: White Powder Antimicrobial Properties: Effective Against Bacteria And Fungi

Product Description:

Zinc oxide, a compound with the formula ZnO, is a distinctive material with numerous applications in various industries ranging from skincare to manufacturing. With its antimicrobial properties, high purity, and origin from China, this zinc oxide product boasts an impressive main element content of Zn2+≥75%, making it a highly sought-after ingredient in diverse fields. The CAS number 1314-13-2 is a unique identifier for this particular chemical substance, assuring buyers of its authenticity and purity.

The pure zinc oxide offered here is notable for its remarkable ability to fight against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, attributing to its powerful antimicrobial properties. This feature makes it an essential component in formulating products that require a sterile or bacteria-resistant environment. The zinc ions (Zn2+) present in this compound are responsible for disrupting microbial cell membrane function and metabolism, thereby inhibiting the growth and proliferation of various microbes.

Due to its negligible solubility in water, this zinc oxide product ensures long-lasting effects when used in different applications. This property is particularly beneficial in topical formulations such as zinc oxide ointment and zinc oxide cream, where it remains on the skin to provide a protective barrier rather than dissolving away. This characteristic also makes it ideal for use in sunscreens, where it offers protection against harmful UV rays without being easily washed off by water or sweat.

Originating from China, a country known for its robust manufacturing capabilities, this zinc oxide product is produced under stringent quality control measures to ensure a high degree of purity and consistency. The manufacturing processes are designed to yield a product with a main element content of Zn2+≥75%, which is a testament to its high-quality composition. Users of this zinc oxide can have confidence in its effectiveness due to the rigorous standards adhered to during its production.

In the realm of skincare, pure zinc oxide serves as an active ingredient in several formulations. Its application as a zinc oxide cream provides soothing relief and promotes skin healing, making it an excellent remedy for minor skin irritations, diaper rash, and even burns. Its ability to form a protective layer on the skin helps to lock in moisture, facilitating the natural healing process. Zinc oxide ointment, another common preparation, leverages the same properties to treat chapped or damaged skin, providing a mild astringent action while keeping the affected area dry and clean.

The versatility of this zinc oxide extends beyond skincare. It is also utilized in the rubber industry as an additive to enhance the material properties of rubber products. The ceramic industry employs zinc oxide for its fluxing properties, contributing to the strength and color of ceramic materials. In paints and coatings, it offers pigmentation and UV protection, while in the field of electronics, zinc oxide can be used to construct varistors and ferrites.

With an array of applications and backed by its powerful antimicrobial properties, high purity, and minimal water solubility, this zinc oxide product from China stands as a cornerstone in various sectors. Whether incorporated into a zinc oxide ointment, cream, or utilized in industrial processes, it delivers consistent, reliable results. CAS number 1314-13-2 ensures that customers are receiving a genuine and high-quality product, capable of meeting the rigorous demands of both commercial and industrial applications.


  • Product Name: zinc oxide
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Purity: 99.7%
  • Origin: China
  • CAS: 1314-13-2
  • Melting Point: 1,975°C
  • Commonly used in zinc oxide paste
  • Can be formulated into nano zinc oxide for advanced applications
  • Ideal for creating protective zinc oxide lotion

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Origin China
Main Element Content Zn2+≥75%
Indicator Pb≤20 As≤5 Cd≤8 Surface Area≥30m²/g
Purity 99.7%
Antimicrobial Properties Effective Against Bacteria And Fungi
Used Ceramic Grade
Chemical Formula ZnO
CAS 1314-13-2
Molecular Weight 81.39 G/mol
Percent 99.5% 99.7%


Zinc oxide, with its superior antimicrobial properties, is a versatile compound that has found its place in a myriad of applications due to its effectiveness against bacteria and fungi. This white powder, boasting a purity of 99.5% to 99.7%, is known for its negligible solubility in water, making it an ideal ingredient in various formulations. Sourced from China, this inorganic compound is used extensively across different industries and occasions.

One of the most common applications of zinc oxide is in the medical field where it is formulated into a zinc oxide paste or ointment. This topical medication is used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as diaper rash, minor burns, severely chapped skin, and other minor skin irritations. Its antimicrobial properties help prevent infection and aid in the reduction of inflammation, making it a go-to remedy in both over-the-counter and prescription medications.

In the realm of personal care, zinc oxide is incorporated into sunscreen products due to its ability to reflect and scatter ultraviolet radiation, thereby protecting the skin from sunburn and long-term damage. Zinc oxide paste is also utilized in calamine creams and lotions, which are applied to soothe irritated skin, providing comfort and relief to users during warm weather or when dealing with insect bites and allergic reactions.

Moreover, in the context of industrial applications, zinc oxide is used as a vital additive in the rubber industry. It contributes to the vulcanization process of rubber, enhancing its durability and resistance to wear. This makes it an essential component in the manufacturing of tires, rubber shoe soles, and gaskets, where the resistance to microbial degradation is crucial for product longevity.

Additionally, zinc oxide serves as a protective coating in the painting and coating industry. Its antimicrobial properties ensure that painted surfaces are less prone to mold and mildew, especially in damp environments. The product's high purity ensures that it delivers consistent performance in these applications, maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of painted surfaces over time.

In the field of ceramics, the addition of zinc oxide enhances the material properties of ceramic glazes and pigments. Here, its negligible solubility in water ensures that it remains stable during the firing process, contributing to the development of lustrous and bright finishes on ceramic products.

In conclusion, zinc oxide's versatility, stemming from its purity, negligible solubility in water, and strong antimicrobial properties, has led to its widespread use in various products and scenarios. From healthcare to industrial applications, this high-quality, Chinese-origin white powder continues to play an indispensable role in improving product performance and safeguarding human health.


Chemical Formula: ZnO

Indicator: Pb≤20 ppm, As≤5 ppm, Cd≤8 ppm, Surface Area≥30m²/g

Appearance: White Powder

Purity: Available in 99.5% and 99.7% pure zinc oxide

Solubility In Water: Negligible

Our high-grade product can be used to create effective zinc oxide ointment , offering a pure solution for various applications including skincare and medicinal use.

Support and Services:

Our Zinc Oxide product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure you can utilize it to its fullest potential. Our team of experts is equipped to provide guidance on product application, safety, storage, and handling. We are committed to providing high-quality assistance to help you integrate our Zinc Oxide into your processes seamlessly.

Technical Documentation: We offer detailed product data sheets, safety data sheets, and application guides. These documents are designed to deliver all the critical information needed for effective product utilization.

Product Application Support: Our skilled technicians can help troubleshoot issues and provide advice on the best practices for incorporating Zinc Oxide into your specific applications, whether it's in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or personal care products.

Quality Assurance: We ensure that our Zinc Oxide meets the highest standards of quality. We can provide support related to quality control processes, certification requirements, and regulatory compliance.

Customization Services: For clients with specialized needs, we offer customization services to tailor our Zinc Oxide products to meet your unique specifications. Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and provide a solution that fits your application.

Environmental Health and Safety Guidance: We prioritize safety and environmental stewardship. Our support includes providing information on safe handling, exposure controls, and personal protection to ensure a safe workplace while using our Zinc Oxide product.

Continuous Improvement: We are constantly seeking ways to improve our products and services. We value customer feedback and encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions with us to enhance our support and services.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our zinc oxide is carefully packaged in high-quality, sealed containers to ensure purity and prevent contamination. Each container is clearly labeled with product information, usage instructions, and safety warnings to provide our customers with all necessary details.

Shipping: Once packaged, the product is securely boxed and cushioned to prevent damage during transit. We offer standard and expedited shipping options to meet your needs. All shipments are tracked, and you will receive a tracking number once your order has been dispatched.


Q1: What is zinc oxide used for?

A1: Zinc oxide is a versatile compound used in various products, including sunscreens, diaper rash creams, mineral makeup, rubber manufacturing, and as a food additive. Its sun-protective properties make it a popular ingredient in physical sunblock, where it reflects UVA and UVB rays.

Q2: Is zinc oxide safe for sensitive skin?

A2: Yes, zinc oxide is considered safe for sensitive skin. It is a non-irritating, non-allergenic substance, and often recommended for use on delicate skin, including that of babies. However, as with any product, it's recommended to patch test before widespread use if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Q3: Can zinc oxide be used daily?

A3: Absolutely! Zinc oxide can be used daily as part of a skincare routine, especially as a component of daily SPF protection. It provides a physical barrier against the sun's rays and can help prevent long-term skin damage.

Q4: Does zinc oxide provide broad-spectrum sun protection?

A4: Yes, zinc oxide is known for its broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It is often recommended by dermatologists for effective sun protection due to its stability and ability to provide a physical barrier on the skin's surface.

Q5: Can zinc oxide help with acne?

A5: Zinc oxide has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce the redness and irritation associated with acne. It is not a primary treatment for acne, but it can be an adjunctive ingredient in acne treatment formulations or products designed for sensitive, acne-prone skin.

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