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Circular White Plastic Home Embeddings Increments Pack of 100 Long lasting Solution

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Circular White Plastic Home Embeddings Increments Pack of 100 Long lasting Solution

Product Details:

Detailed Product Description
Product Color: White Product Material: Plastic
Product Application: Home Product Type: Inserts
Product Shape: Round Product Size: Small
Product Feature: Durable Product Quantity: 100

Product Description:

When it comes to organizing and protecting your home's sockets, finding the right solution is crucial. Our Inserts product is designed to meet this need with a simple yet effective design that promises to seamlessly integrate into any home environment. This product comes in a generous quantity of 100 units per package, ensuring that you have ample supply to cater to all your sockets throughout various rooms and spaces in your home.

One of the key features of these Inserts is their universal compatibility. Designed with a versatile form factor, these Inserts can be used with a wide range of socket types, making them an ideal choice for households and individuals who appreciate products that offer flexibility and adaptability. Whether you have standard sockets or more unique configurations, our Inserts are crafted to accommodate your needs without compromising on protection or aesthetics.

The application of these Inserts extends throughout the home, serving multiple purposes such as dust prevention, safety enhancement for households with children, and maintaining the integrity of rarely used sockets. They are incredibly user-friendly and can be installed quickly and effortlessly, making them a convenient addition to any home maintenance routine. Additionally, the simple design of the Inserts ensures that they do not draw unnecessary attention to themselves, preserving the overall decor of your living space.

Constructed from high-quality plastic, these Inserts provide durability and longevity, ensuring that they can withstand regular use over time. The plastic material has been selected for its insulating properties, which contribute to the overall safety of the product, especially in homes with young children. This material also ensures that the Inserts are lightweight and easy to handle, yet strong enough to serve their protective purpose effectively.

The inclusions of this product package are thoughtfully considered to enhance user experience. Each package contains 100 plastic Inserts, allowing for comprehensive coverage and the ability to replace any that may become worn or lost over time. The universal application of these Inserts means that you don't need to purchase separate products for different socket types, making this a cost-effective investment for your home.

In terms of aesthetics, these Inserts follow a minimalist design ethic that favors functionality and discreet integration into your home's interior design. They are unobtrusive and designed to blend in rather than stand out, ensuring that your sockets remain neat and protected without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. This product's simple elegance is in its ability to do its job without complication or the need for special attention.

To summarize, our Inserts product is a practical and essential accessory for any home. It offers a simple design that suits any decor, a generous quantity of 100 pieces per package, universal compatibility with various sockets, easy application in the home setting, and is made from durable plastic material. These Inserts are not just a mere inclusion in your home maintenance toolkit; they are a smart choice for anyone looking to enhance the safety, cleanliness, and longevity of their home's electrical sockets. With these Inserts, you can expect a product that delivers on its promise of simplicity, versatility, and utility.


  • Product Name: Inserts
  • Product Shape: Round
  • Product Quantity: 100
  • Product Weight: 1g each
  • Product Function: Fixing
  • Product Usage: Inserting, with applications as plugs, incorporations, and additions

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Product Weight 1g
Product Design Simple
Product Shape Round
Product Function Fixing
Product Compatibility Universal
Product Usage Inserting
Product Type Inserts (Installs, Embeddings)
Product Color White
Product Material Plastic
Product Warranty 1 Year


The Inserts product, with its universal compatibility, is designed to meet a myriad of application occasions and scenarios. Boasting a quantity of 100 per pack and each weighing just 1g, these inserts are the pinnacle of convenience and durability, making them a perfect fit for various inclusions in both personal and professional settings.

One of the primary applications of these inserts is in the realm of office organization. They can be used to add additional pages to reports, ensuring that all relevant information is together. This is particularly useful for professionals who frequently need to update their documents with new data or findings. Their durable nature ensures that they can withstand the constant handling that often accompanies these additions.

In the world of scrapbooking and personal archiving, these inserts find a special place. Hobbyists and archivists alike will appreciate the ease with which these 1g inserts can be added to existing albums or scrapbooks. They allow for the expansion of collections without compromising the integrity of the contents, ensuring that memories are preserved alongside new inclusions.

Education is another sector where these inserts shine. Teachers and students can utilize these handy additions to supplement textbooks with extra notes or study materials. The durability of the product ensures that the supplementary materials can endure the rigors of daily student life, from being tossed into backpacks to the wear and tear of classroom use.

Moreover, these inserts have a place in the world of product packaging. Businesses can use them to include additional information about a product or to provide extra promotional material. The light weight of these inserts means they add negligible cost to shipping, while their solid construction ensures that they reach the customer in excellent condition.

Lastly, the universal compatibility of these inserts means they are an excellent choice for various technical and mechanical inclusions. Whether it's for automotive manuals that require the addition of updated pages or for tech companies needing to provide additional instructions, these inserts stand up to the task with their robust feature set.

In conclusion, the Inserts product offers a versatile solution to adding durable and lightweight additions to a multitude of applications, ranging from personal keepsakes to professional documents and beyond. Their utility is only limited by the imagination, making them an essential for anyone who frequently deals with the inclusion of new information or materials.


Product Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 1 Year warranty on our premium inserts.

Product Compatibility: Designed with a universal fit, our inserts are perfect for an array of sockets, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.

Product Application: Ideal for home use, our inserts are crafted to assist in a variety of fixing tasks around your living space.

Product Function: These inserts are engineered for fixing applications, providing a secure and reliable hold for your sockets.

Product Quantity: Available in a set of 100, our inserts offer ample supply for all your sockets' needs, ensuring you have the right amount at hand for any project.

Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for Inserts are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to assist you with any technical challenges you may face. Our services include troubleshooting assistance, product installation guidance, performance optimization, and maintenance advice. We continually strive to provide exceptional support and are committed to delivering the highest level of service to enhance your experience with our Inserts product.

Packing and Shipping:

Please ensure that the product is securely packaged before shipping. The Inserts should be encased in a protective material that prevents movement and damage during transit. Each Insert must be individually wrapped to avoid scratches or dents. The outer box should be sturdy and the appropriate size to accommodate the Inserts without excess space that could lead to shifting and potential damage.

Label the package clearly with the destination address and return address. Fragile stickers or labels should be applied to the outside of the box to alert handlers of the delicate contents. Use a reliable shipping service with tracking capabilities to ensure the safe and timely arrival of the Inserts to the customer.


Q1: What materials are the Inserts made from?

A1: Our Inserts are made from high-quality materials tailored to their specific use. This includes metals, plastics, rubber, or foam, depending on the type of insert and its intended application. Please refer to the specific product details for the material composition of the inserts you are interested in.

Q2: Can the Inserts be used for outdoor applications?

A2: Some of our inserts are designed for outdoor use and are made from weather-resistant materials. Please check the product specifications or contact customer service to confirm whether the Insert you are considering is suitable for outdoor use.

Q3: Are the Inserts reusable or one-time use?

A3: Many of our inserts are designed to be reusable, allowing you to remove and reposition them as needed. However, certain types may be intended for one-time use only, particularly if they are designed to create a permanent bond. Please refer to the product information for details on reusability.

Q4: What sizes do the Inserts come in?

A4: Our Inserts come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of applications. You can find detailed size information on the product page, or you can contact our customer service team for assistance in finding the right size for your needs.

Q5: How do I install the Inserts?

A5: Installation methods vary depending on the type of insert. Some may simply be pushed into place, while others might require tools for installation. We provide installation instructions with all of our products, and you can also find guidance on our website or by contacting customer support for help with installation.

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