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High speed Steel Spiral Drill Bit 1/4 Inch Cutting Tool for Versatile Applications

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High speed Steel Spiral Drill Bit 1/4 Inch Cutting Tool for Versatile Applications

Product Details:

Detailed Product Description
Number Of Flutes: 2 Type: Drill Bit
Overall Length: 75 Mm Cutting Direction: Right-hand
Flute Type: Spiral Material: High-speed Steel
Shank Type: Round Shaft Diameter: 6.35 Mm

Product Description:

As an essential component in any craftsman's toolbox, the right-hand cutting tool we present is not just a simple grinding tool; it's an embodiment of precision and durability. Designed specifically for those who require a reliable and efficient shaping tool, this product stands out with its impressive features and specifications that cater to a wide range of cutting tasks. The right-hand orientation of the cutting tool ensures an intuitive and natural use for the majority of operators, providing both comfort and effectiveness in right-handed applications.

One of the primary attributes of this cutting tool is its substantial cutting depth of 38 mm, which allows for deep grooves and cuts in a variety of materials. This depth capability is especially beneficial for tasks that require significant material removal and is a testament to the tool's robustness and power. Whether you're working with wood, metal, or plastic, this cutting tool can penetrate and shape the material with ease and precision.

Equipped with two flutes, the cutting tool offers a balanced approach to material removal. The number of flutes is a critical aspect of any cutting or grinding tool, as it affects the finish of the cut, the feed rate, and the tool's ability to evacuate chips. With a twin-flute design, this tool strikes an excellent balance between a smooth surface finish and efficient chip removal. The dual flutes work in tandem to provide a clean cut while minimizing the likelihood of clogging, ensuring that your work proceeds smoothly and without interruption.

To further enhance its performance and longevity, the cutting tool is coated with a layer of Titanium Nitride. This coating is well-known for its ability to reduce friction and increase wear resistance, which translates into a tool that maintains its sharpness for longer periods and can withstand the rigors of heavy use. The Titanium Nitride coating also contributes to a lower coefficient of friction, thereby reducing the generation of heat during operation. This feature not only prolongs the life of the grinding tool but also protects the workpiece from thermal damage.

With an overall length of 75 mm, this cutting tool is compact enough to handle with ease, yet long enough to provide sufficient reach when needed. The length of the tool plays a pivotal role in its versatility, offering enough substance to maintain stability during operation while still allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces. The size makes it an excellent addition to any toolkit, providing the capability to tackle a wide range of applications without the need for frequent tool changes.

In summary, this cutting tool is a multi-functional grinding and shaping tool that offers an optimal combination of cutting depth, flute number, protective coating, and overall length. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this tool is designed to exceed your expectations in terms of performance, durability, and precision. It stands as a testament to what a well-engineered cutting tool can accomplish, and it is poised to become an indispensable part of your cutting, shaping, and grinding repertoire.


  • Product Name: Cutting tool
  • Point Angle: 118 Degrees
  • Coating: Titanium Nitride
  • Application: Metal Drilling
  • Type: Drill Bit
  • Shank Type: Round
  • Grinding tool
  • Machining tool
  • Material remover

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Specification
Application Metal Drilling
Coating Titanium Nitride
Cutting Direction Right-hand
Shank Type Round
Type Drill Bit
Overall Length 75 mm
Cutting Depth 38 mm
Flute Type Spiral
Point Angle 118 Degrees
Shaft Diameter 6.35 mm


The 1/4 Inch cutting tool, with its robust round shank and right-hand cutting direction, is an essential shaping tool designed for precision metal drilling. The tool's size and shank type make it highly versatile for various application scenarios, where a cutting depth of up to 38 mm is required. Be it in a professional workshop setting or in the hands of a skilled hobbyist, this cutting tool stands out as a reliable workpiece remover.

One of the primary application occasions for this cutting tool is in the field of custom metal fabrication. Fabricators rely on its precise cutting capabilities to drill through different types of metal with ease. Whether it's for creating components for machinery or for crafting bespoke metalwork, the cutting tool’s ability to maintain stability and accuracy makes it invaluable.

Another scenario where this shaping tool is indispensable is in the automotive industry. Mechanics and technicians employ it for tasks such as removing damaged threads or creating new ones when repairing vehicle parts. Its 1/4 Inch size allows for maneuverability in tight spaces, while the round shank ensures a firm grip in power drills or CNC machines, leading to efficient and clean drilling results.

Additionally, in construction and maintenance, professionals often turn to this cutting tool for its reliability and right-hand cutting direction. Whether it's for installing metal frameworks or creating precise openings for fixtures, the tool's 38 mm cutting depth provides the necessary reach without compromising on the structural integrity of the workpiece.

Hobbyists, too, find this cutting tool a valuable addition to their toolkit. For intricate projects that involve metal, such as model building or crafting custom parts for gadgets, the tool serves as an essential workpiece remover. Its size and cutting capacity allow for detailed work that requires both finesse and strength.

In summary, the 1/4 Inch cutting tool with its round shank and right-hand cutting direction is a versatile and dependable shaping tool. Its ability to achieve a 38 mm cutting depth makes it suitable for a wide range of metal drilling applications, from industrial fabrication to intricate hobbyist projects, establishing it as an essential tool for anyone engaged in metalworking.


Our machining tool is expertly designed for efficient metal drilling, offering a precise cutting depth of 38 mm. Its right-hand cutting direction ensures smooth operation and optimal chip removal, making it an ideal workpiece remover.

Equipped with 2 flutes, this tool bit ensures quick and clean cuts, while the titanium nitride coating provides enhanced durability and performance under demanding conditions.

Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our cutting tool products. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of technical support and customer service. If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions regarding our cutting tools, our team of experts is here to assist you.

Our Product Technical Support and Services include:

  • Troubleshooting assistance to help diagnose and resolve any product issues.
  • Detailed product documentation that includes user manuals, maintenance guides, and technical specifications.
  • Advice on best practices for tool usage and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your product.
  • Information on the latest product updates and upgrades available to keep your tool functioning at its best.
  • Access to training resources to help you and your team effectively use and maintain our cutting tools.

We are committed to your satisfaction and are here to ensure that you get the most out of our products. For any service inquiries or additional support, please refer to the user manual or the support section of our website.

Packing and Shipping:

Our cutting tool is packaged in a secure, custom-designed protective case to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. The case is made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand the rigors of transport.

Within the case, the cutting tool is held firmly in place with custom foam inserts that prevent any movement during shipping. This reduces the risk of damage from impacts or vibrations.

The packaging also includes a layer of moisture-resistant material to protect the tool from any potential exposure to the elements during transit. This ensures that your cutting tool remains rust-free and ready for use upon arrival.

Before shipping, the entire package is sealed and checked for any external damage. It is then labeled with all necessary shipping and handling instructions to ensure that the courier service manages it with care.

We use trusted shipping services to handle our deliveries, providing you with a tracking number so you can monitor your cutting tool's journey to your doorstep. Expected delivery times will be communicated once the order is dispatched.

Please inspect the package upon arrival and report any issues immediately. Our customer service team is ready to assist you with any concerns related to the packaging or shipping of your cutting tool.



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