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Land Use Brushless Selfexcited Diesel Generator 1400H x 2250W 230V/400V Open Structure

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Land Use Brushless Selfexcited Diesel Generator 1400H x 2250W 230V/400V Open Structure

Detailed Product Description
Port: Xiamen,China Excitation Type: Brushless And Selfexcited
Height: 1400 Type: Open
Width: 2250 Conditions Of Use: Land Use
Stroke: Four Stroke Rated Voltage: 230V/400V

Product Description:

The Diesel Type Generator Set we are presenting here is an advanced solution for providing reliable power in various applications. This 600KW Diesel Generator is designed to meet the rigorous demands of continuous operation and harsh environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial, commercial, and emergency applications. With its robust build and high-power output, this generator set ensures that your operations remain uninterrupted, providing peace of mind and operational continuity.

Our Diesel Power Generator stands out with its silent type structure, which significantly reduces the noise level during operation. This feature makes it suitable for use in noise-sensitive areas such as residential neighborhoods, hospitals, and educational institutions. The sound attenuation is achieved through the use of high-quality sound-absorbing materials and a well-designed exhaust system, ensuring that the generator operates quietly without disturbing the surrounding environment.

In addition to its quiet operation, this generator set comes with a four-wheel system that enhances its portability. The wheels are robust and designed to withstand heavy loads, offering the flexibility to move the generator to different locations as per power requirements. This portability feature is particularly useful for construction sites, outdoor events, and in situations where a fixed power solution is not feasible.

The generator employs a four-stroke engine, which is known for its efficiency and cleaner operation compared to two-stroke engines. A four-stroke engine typically requires less maintenance and produces fewer emissions, making it an environmentally friendlier option. This type of engine also contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the generator set, ensuring that it delivers consistent performance over the years.

Regarding safety and durability, the generator is equipped with a protection grade of IP23. This designation indicates that the generator is protected against the ingress of objects larger than 12.5 mm and sprayed water. This level of protection is essential for the generator's components, particularly when it is utilized in outdoor settings, as it helps to prevent damage from environmental factors such as rain and debris.

The open type design of the generator allows for easy access to all parts for maintenance and repairs. This design simplifies the process of routine checks and any necessary servicing, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring that the generator is always ready to perform when needed. However, it is important to note that an open type generator should be housed in a protective enclosure or space to shield it from the elements when in use.

With a width of 2250 mm, this generator set is compact enough for most spaces while still providing a substantial power output. Its size is a testament to the efficient use of space and clever design, which ensures that it does not occupy more room than necessary, making it an ideal choice for locations where space is at a premium.

In summary, our Diesel Type Generator Set is a powerful, efficient, and versatile power solution that is designed to cater to a wide range of power generation needs. The 600KW Diesel Generator, with its silent type structure, four-wheel system, four-stroke engine, IP23 protection grade, and open type design, offers an excellent balance of performance, portability, and protection. This Diesel Power Generator is an investment in reliability and efficiency, ensuring that you have access to power whenever and wherever it is needed.


  • Product Name: Diesel Generator
  • Stroke: Four Stroke
  • Excitation Type: Brushless and Self-excited
  • Start Method: Motor Start
  • Conditions of Use: Land Use
  • Width: 2250mm
  • Generator Set Diesel Engine
  • Industrial Diesel Generator
  • Diesel Generator Sets

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Protection Grade IP23
Width 2250 mm
Working Temperature -5°C-35°C
Engine Speed 1500rpm or 1800rpm
Stroke Four Stroke
Conditions Of Use Land Use
Excitation Type Brushless and Selfexcited
Rated Voltage 230V/400V
Structure Silent Type, Four-wheel
Start Method Motor Start


The 600KW Diesel Generator, a robust and efficient power solution, is a versatile open type genset that is particularly designed for land use. This powerful generator set is an ideal application in various scenarios where reliable power is essential. Its brushless and self-excited excitation type ensures a steady and uninterrupted electricity supply, making it perfect for use in remote locations where the grid cannot reach, or as a backup power source in the event of an outage.

Construction sites often require a dependable source of power for machinery and tools. This is where the Electric Diesel Generators come into play, providing the necessary energy to keep operations running smoothly. The open design of the generator allows for easy maintenance and ventilation, while its four-stroke engine ensures a high level of efficiency and durability, reducing operational costs and minimizing downtime.

Moreover, events and large gatherings such as concerts, festivals, and fairs can benefit from the Genset Diesel Generator. As these events are frequently located in areas without direct access to the electrical grid, the generator can be used to power lights, sound systems, and other essential equipment. Its portability and ease of installation make it a convenient solution for temporary power needs.

Healthcare facilities also rely on the reliability of a 600KW Diesel Generator. In cases of emergency or where consistent power is a matter of life and death, such as in hospitals and clinics, these generators provide a critical backup, ensuring that medical devices and hospital infrastructure remain operational during power disruptions.

Furthermore, the generator's portability provides an excellent power source for field operations in sectors like mining and agriculture. Operating from Xiamen, China, these generators can be quickly deployed to remote areas, ensuring that power is available for equipment, lighting, and other necessary functions, regardless of the location.

In summary, the 600KW Diesel Generator is a powerful, reliable, and versatile power generation solution suitable for a wide array of applications, including construction, events, healthcare, and remote field operations. Its open design, brushless and self-excited excitation type, and four-stroke engine technology make it a top choice for users who require a dependable power source in various conditions and scenarios.


Explore our Product Customization Services for the premier 200KW Diesel Generator, tailored to meet your specific power needs. Experience the versatility of our Diesel Generator Set, available with a Rated Voltage of 230V/400V, ensuring compatibility with a variety of electrical systems.

Designed with precision, the generator boasts a compact Width of 2250 mm, allowing for convenient placement and installation. Our Diesel Generator operates efficiently within a Working Temperature range of -5°C to 35°C, guaranteeing reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions.

Customize your power solution by choosing the Engine Speed that suits your requirements, with options of either 1500rpm or 1800rpm. The generator's robust Structure is engineered as a Silent Type, minimizing noise pollution, and comes with a Four-wheel configuration for easy mobility and positioning.

Support and Services:

Our Diesel Generator Technical Support and Services are dedicated to providing you with the expert assistance you need to ensure your generator operates efficiently and reliably. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of technical issues and is committed to offering solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of your product.

We offer comprehensive technical support that includes troubleshooting assistance, operational guidance, and maintenance advice. Our services are designed to address the complexities of diesel generator operation and maintenance, ensuring you have access to the knowledge and resources necessary to maintain optimal functionality.

Our preventive maintenance services are tailored to identify potential issues before they become major problems, reducing downtime and extending the life of your generator. We also provide detailed guidance on parts replacement and upgrades to keep your generator up to date with the latest technological advancements.

In case of technical difficulties, our support team is ready to provide step-by-step instructions to resolve issues. We are committed to ensuring your diesel generator meets the highest standards of performance and reliability, and our technical support services reflect this commitment.

Please note that while we do not provide on-site services directly, we can recommend certified technicians who can perform hands-on maintenance and repair services as needed. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to comprehensive support, whether it's through our direct assistance or via our network of professional service providers.

For any technical inquiries or to learn more about our support services, please refer to our website or user manual for further information.

Packing and Shipping:

The diesel generator comes in robust, weather-resistant packaging to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. The packaging is designed to withstand the rigors of transport, protecting the generator from any external impact.

Before shipping, the generator is securely fastened within the packaging with industrial-grade materials, preventing any movement that could cause damage during transit. All accessories and necessary components are included within the package, clearly labeled for easy identification upon unboxing.

We use trusted freight services to ship the diesel generator to your specified location. The generator is palletized and shrink-wrapped for additional protection and handling ease. A tracking number will be provided so you can monitor the shipment from departure to arrival, ensuring peace of mind.

Upon arrival, please inspect the packaging for any visible damage before signing for the delivery. If any damage is found, report it immediately to the carrier and contact our customer service to assist you with the next steps.


Q1: What is the fuel efficiency of the diesel generator?

A1: The fuel efficiency of a diesel generator depends on the model and size. Typically, modern diesel generators are designed to be fuel-efficient and can run for several hours on a full tank. Please refer to the specific model's technical specifications for exact fuel consumption rates.

Q2: How often does a diesel generator need maintenance?

A2: Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and reliability of a diesel generator. It is recommended to perform routine checks every 500 hours of operation or at least once a year. However, always consult the user manual for the manufacturer's specific maintenance recommendations.

Q3: Can a diesel generator operate in extreme weather conditions?

A3: Diesel generators are generally robust and can operate in a wide range of weather conditions. However, extreme cold or heat may require additional steps, such as using a coolant heater or ensuring proper ventilation, to keep the generator running smoothly. Check the operating temperature range specified by the manufacturer.

Q4: What is the noise level of a diesel generator?

A4: The noise level of a diesel generator can vary based on the size and design. Many generators come with sound-attenuating features to reduce noise. For specific decibel ratings, please refer to the generator's datasheet or user manual.

Q5: Is it possible to use biodiesel in a diesel generator?

A5: Some diesel generators are compatible with biodiesel, but it's essential to verify this with the manufacturer's specifications. Using biodiesel may require different maintenance procedures, and not all generators are designed to use alternative fuels.

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