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CNC Machining CBN Turning Inserts Xiamen Produced for Precision Tooling Solutions

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CNC Machining CBN Turning Inserts Xiamen Produced for Precision Tooling Solutions

Detailed Product Description
Product Size: Small Producing In: Xiamen,China
Producing Name: Inserts For Tooling Product Compatibility: Universal
Product Weight: 50g Product Quantity: 100
Product Application: CNC Machining Turning

Product Description:

The "Inserts For Tooling" is an exceptional product designed for a variety of applications in the manufacturing and tooling industry. Produced in the bustling coastal city of Xiamen, China, known for its advanced manufacturing capabilities, these inserts represent the pinnacle of precision engineering. Each insert is meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost quality and performance. The product, though small in size, is mighty in its application, with a product weight of just 50g. This makes it lightweight enough to be used in various settings without compromising its strength or durability.

The set includes 100 pieces, catering to businesses that require a reliable supply of high-quality inserts. The dimensions of these inserts have been optimized to fit perfectly into a wide range of tooling applications, ensuring a seamless experience for users. The compact size of the "Inserts For Tooling" makes them easy to handle, store, and transport, providing convenience and efficiency to the user. Despite their small size, these inserts are robust and capable of withstanding the rigorous demands of daily use in a busy industrial environment.

One of the most significant applications of these inserts is in the realm of "Insert Injection Molding." This process involves injecting plastic around the insert to create a single piece that combines the strength of metal with the design flexibility of plastic. The "Inserts For Tooling" are manufactured to withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with insert injection molding, ensuring a strong bond and a high-quality finished product. Their compatibility with this process makes them an indispensable component for manufacturers looking to leverage the benefits of insert injection molding.

Another key application for these inserts is in the field of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining. CNC machines require high-precision components to operate effectively, and the "CNC Machine Insert" is a crucial element in this process. These inserts are engineered to meet the exacting standards required for CNC machining operations, offering superior wear resistance and longevity. They enable the machines to perform complex cuts and engravings with incredible accuracy, making them an essential part of the CNC tooling inventory.

For those in the textile industry, the "Comforter Duvet Insert" is yet another application where the "Inserts For Tooling" can prove beneficial. While these inserts are not directly related to bedding, the precision and quality control required for their manufacture are similar to the standards expected for a high-quality comforter duvet insert. Just as a comforter duvet insert is designed to provide warmth and comfort, these small tooling inserts are designed to provide reliability and precision in a variety of industrial applications.

Every "Inserts For Tooling" package is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and the commitment to quality that the producers in Xiamen, China, uphold. These inserts are not just pieces of metal; they are the product of advanced engineering and manufacturing processes that ensure each insert performs to the highest standards. Whether you are a professional in the manufacturing sector, tooling industry, or involved in specialized applications like insert injection molding or CNC machining, the "Inserts For Tooling" are a product you can rely on for consistency, durability, and precision.

In conclusion, the "Inserts For Tooling" set is an indispensable asset for various industrial applications. With a focus on quality, precision, and versatility, these inserts are designed to meet the demands of professionals who seek efficiency and reliability. Produced in Xiamen, China, every insert is a small but powerful tool that is set to make a significant impact on the manufacturing and tooling processes of those who use them.


  • Product Name: Inserts
  • Product Weight: 50g
  • Product Compatibility: Universal
  • Producing in: Xiamen, China
  • Product Application: CNC Machining Turning
  • Product Quantity: 100
  • Carbide Boring Inserts
  • Carbide Inserts
  • CNC Grooving Inserts

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Product Quantity 100
Product Application CNC Machining Turning
Producing name Inserts For Tooling
Producing in Xiamen,China
Product Size Small
Product Compatibility Universal
Product Weight 50g


The Inserts For Tooling, hailing from the industrious city of Xiamen, China, are a testament to precision engineering and manufacturing. These small-sized inserts, each weighing a mere 50g, are an essential component in a wide array of machining and tooling applications. With a product quantity of 100 per batch, these robust inserts are designed for durability and high performance.

The CBN Turning Insert, one of the premier offerings, exhibits exceptional hardness and thermal conductivity which makes it ideal for cutting hard metals. These inserts are especially useful in applications where high surface finish quality is paramount, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries where components require a superior finish and tight tolerances. The high abrasion resistance and ability to maintain sharp cutting edges make CBN Turning Inserts perfect for high-precision turning operations on hardened steel components, iron-based metals, and even on heat-resistant alloys.

Another versatile product in this lineup is the CVD Insert, known for its exceptional wear resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures. These inserts are particularly suited for continuous and long-duration cutting operations. Their application scenarios span across the manufacturing of heavy-duty components such as engine parts, gear cutting, and other applications that demand prolonged machining without compromising on quality. The CVD Inserts are also commonly used in the production of die and molds, where consistency and longevity of the tooling are critical.

Lastly, the CNC Grooving Inserts are specially designed for precision grooving, turning, and profiling tasks. Their small size allows them to perform intricate grooving operations that are often required in the production of complex components such as those found in medical devices, electronic parts, and fine mechanics. The precise geometries of these inserts ensure clean, sharp grooves that meet strict dimensional requirements. They are also ideal for the mass production of metal parts, providing reliable repeatability and efficiency in CNC operations.

Whether it's for high-speed turning, intricate grooving, or long-term cutting, the Inserts For Tooling from Xiamen, China offers the quality and versatility needed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Their small size, lightweight, and large batch quantity make them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their machining capabilities with precision and reliability.


Producing in: Xiamen, China, our Inserts For Tooling are crafted with precision to ensure superior performance. As a leading provider of product customization services, we offer an extensive range of inserts, including CNC Machine Insert and CBN Milling Inserts, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

With a minimum order quantity of 100, these inserts are perfect for both small and large-scale operations. Each insert weighs 50g, providing the ideal balance for effective application. Moreover, the product compatibility is universal, making our inserts highly versatile for various tooling requirements.

Support and Services:

Our Inserts product comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your satisfaction and the optimal performance of our product. If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding the Inserts, our dedicated team of experts is ready to provide you with the necessary assistance.

We offer a range of services including installation guidance, troubleshooting, maintenance tips, and best practices for usage. Our support services are designed to help you maximize the efficiency of the Inserts and to extend their lifespan.

For technical inquiries, our knowledgeable support staff is available to provide you with detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions to resolve any technical challenges you may face. We are committed to delivering prompt and accurate support to all our customers.

Please refer to the user manual and frequently asked questions (FAQ) section for immediate assistance with common issues. For more complex problems or direct assistance, our support team can be reached through our official communication channels during business hours.

Rest assured that our Product Technical Support and Services are here to provide you with a seamless experience. We are dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your Inserts and the support you receive.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Each Inserts product is carefully packed in a protective sleeve and placed within a sturdy cardboard box to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. The box is sealed with heavy-duty tape and clearly labeled with the product details and handling instructions.

Shipping: Our Inserts are dispatched via a trusted courier service, with tracking available to monitor your package's progress. We take every precaution to ensure a swift and secure delivery to your preferred destination. For international orders, customs fees and additional shipping charges may apply.



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