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Ultra Light Coated PVC Sky Tent Spacious 2-8 Person Sunproof Pet Tent for Outdoor Adventures

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Ultra Light Coated PVC Sky Tent Spacious 2-8 Person Sunproof Pet Tent for Outdoor Adventures

Detailed Product Description
Sunshade Sky Tent: Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent Number Of Windows: 2-4
Top Fabric: Coated Pvc Fabric 750gsm Materials: PVC
Capacity: 2-8 Person Sunproof Pet Tent: Bicycle Storage Room Tent
Size: Customize Gross Weight: 30kg

Product Description:

Introducing the ultimate outdoor companion, the Sunshade Sky Tent: Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent – your versatile, reliable, and stylish solution for any outdoor adventure. Whether you're planning a family picnic by the lake, a solo kayaking trip, or a weekend camping excursion with friends, this tent is designed to meet all your needs. With its innovative design and premium materials, the Sunshade Sky Tent is not just a tent; it's a family shelter, a picnic house, and a protective haven, all rolled into one.

Crafted from high-quality PVC materials, the Sunshade Sky Tent guarantees durability and resilience against the elements. The robust structure withstands the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring that your tent remains a family shelter for years to come. Its gross weight of 30kg strikes the perfect balance between stability and portability, making it easy to transport to your next destination without compromising on strength.

The Sunshade Sky Tent is not only a shelter for your family and friends but also serves as a Sunproof Pet Tent. This means your furry companions can join in on the fun without the risk of overheating or discomfort. The tent's sunproof design provides a cool and shaded area, making it the perfect refuge for pets during long days at the beach or while relaxing at a family picnic.

For those who love cycling and need a reliable storage solution, the Sunshade Sky Tent doubles as a Bicycle Storage Room Tent. The spacious interior is perfect for keeping your bicycles safe and out of the elements when you're not hitting the trails. This multi-functional aspect of the tent allows you to enjoy your outdoor hobbies without the worry of leaving your gear unprotected.

The Sunshade Tent is also an ideal Camping Car Canopy, offering an extended living space for your vehicle. This feature is particularly useful for family trips, where extra sheltered space is often needed for socializing, dining, or simply relaxing. The canopy provides a seamless transition from your vehicle to a comfortable and protected outdoor area, enhancing your camping experience and turning it into a luxurious picnic house.

One of the standout features of the Sunshade Sky Tent is its ultra-lightweight design. Despite its substantial size and capacity to serve as a family shelter, it remains exceptionally easy to handle and set up. This ease of use is a testament to the thoughtful engineering that has gone into every aspect of the tent's design, ensuring that your time is spent enjoying the outdoors, rather than struggling with complicated assembly.

The Sunshade Sky Tent is not just functional; it's also aesthetically pleasing with a design that blends seamlessly into natural surroundings. Its sleek and modern appearance makes it a stylish addition to any outdoor setting, from the sandy shores of a beach to the greenery of a park. The tent's visual appeal enhances the overall experience, making it a chic picnic house that you'll be proud to showcase.

Safety is a top priority with the Sunshade Sky Tent. The PVC material provides excellent sun protection, ensuring that you and your loved ones are shielded from harmful UV rays. This makes it the perfect family shelter for those long, sunny days outdoors. The tent's stability and robust construction also mean that it can withstand unexpected gusts of wind, giving you peace of mind that your picnic house will remain intact and secure.

In summary, the Sunshade Sky Tent: Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent is the ultimate outdoor accessory, combining functionality with style. It serves as a sunproof pet tent, a bicycle storage room tent, and a camping car canopy, all while providing a comfortable and safe family shelter. Its lightweight yet durable PVC construction, protective features, and multi-purpose design make it an indispensable addition to any outdoor enthusiast's collection. So pack up, head out, and make unforgettable memories with the Sunshade Sky Tent as your trusted picnic house.


  • Product Name: Tent
  • Connectors: Hot-DIP Galvanized
  • Size: Customize
  • Materials: PVC
  • Hiking Camping Tent: Outdoor Beach Tent
  • Gross Weight: 30kg
  • Mountain Shelter: Yes
  • Camping Tent: Yes
  • Roadtrip Tent: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Top Fabric Coated PVC Fabric 750gsm
Size Customize
Sunshade Tent Camping Car Canopy
Hiking Camping Tent Outdoor Beach Tent
Life Span 10-20 years
Number of Windows 2-4
Sunshade Sky Tent Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent
Materials PVC
Connectors Hot-DIP Galvanized
Gross Weight 30kg


The Sunshade Sky Tent is an Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent that serves as the quintessential beach lodge for sun-soaked days. This tent's primary application is to provide a reprieve from the harsh rays of the sun while offering a breezy space to relax, thanks to its ventilation system that includes mesh panels. Not only is it perfect for setting up on the sand as a beach base, but it also doubles as a picnic house for family outings in parks, lakesides, or any outdoor space where you might want to enjoy a meal in comfort without the worry of sunburn.

For pet owners, the Sunproof Pet Tent variation is a fantastic option. It allows your furry friends to join in on your outdoor adventures without the risk of overheating. The mesh panels ensure that there is a continuous flow of air, keeping the interior cool and comfortable for pets. This makes it an ideal shelter during outdoor events or when you're spending extended periods of time outside and want to make sure your pet is safe and protected.

Another practical application of the Sunshade Sky Tent is as a Bicycle Storage Room Tent. Cyclists who enjoy long-distance rides will find this tent a convenient solution for protecting their bicycles from the elements when they are not in use. The customizable size feature means that it can be tailored to fit multiple bikes, making it perfect for cycling groups or families on cycling trips.

The tent's lightweight design, facilitated by the use of aluminum poles, makes it incredibly easy to transport and set up, which is essential for a range of outdoor activities. Whether you're setting up a beach lodge for a day by the sea, creating a picnic house for a family gathering, or simply seeking a comfortable space for outdoor relaxation, the Sunshade Sky Tent is versatile enough to meet the demands of various occasions and scenarios.


Discover the ultimate in family shelter with our premium Tent product, featuring robust Connectors that are Hot-DIP Galvanized for enduring strength. Transform your outdoor excursions into a luxurious experience with our Sunshade Tent, designed to serve as a Camping Car Canopy that offers a cool, shaded oasis.

Constructed with high-quality Materials, our tents are crafted from durable PVC, ensuring a reliable and sturdy structure for any outdoor adventure. Whether you're seeking a comfortable picnic house or a rugged wilderness abode, our tent provides ample Capacity to accommodate 2-8 Person, making it perfect for both intimate and group retreats.

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor comfort with our Top Fabric, a Coated Pvc Fabric 750gsm that guarantees maximum protection and longevity, keeping you and your loved ones safe from the elements while you create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Tent product. We are dedicated to providing you with a high-quality experience and are here to support you with any technical needs you may have. Our Product Technical Support and Services are designed to ensure your satisfaction and the longevity of your product.

If you encounter any issues with your Tent, or have questions regarding setup, maintenance, or use, we offer comprehensive support services to assist you. Our knowledgeable team is well-equipped to provide guidance on product features, troubleshooting advice, and tips for optimal use to enhance your outdoor adventures.

To help you get the most out of your Tent, we provide a variety of resources including user manuals, instructional videos, and a FAQ section on our website. These resources are available to you at any time and are designed to provide quick and easy solutions to common questions and concerns.

If you require personalized assistance, our Technical Support team is available to provide expert advice. While we do not include contact information here, you can find our contact details on our official website or in the documentation provided with your Tent. We encourage you to reach out to us for any support you may need.

Additionally, we offer a warranty service for our Tent products, which covers any manufacturing defects. Please refer to the warranty documentation that came with your Tent for more information on coverage and how to file a claim if necessary.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience with your Tent. We value your satisfaction and are committed to providing you with the support you need to explore the great outdoors with confidence.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging: Our tent is carefully packaged to ensure it arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. The tent, poles, and stakes are enclosed in a durable, weather-resistant carry bag. The packaging is designed to be compact for ease of transport while providing ample protection against any transit-related damage.

Shipping Information: The tent is shipped via our trusted courier partners. Standard shipping usually takes 3-5 business days, depending on your location. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional fee if you need your tent sooner. Tracking information will be provided so you can monitor your package's journey to you. Please note that we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes and require a physical address for delivery.


Q1: How many people can comfortably sleep in this tent?

A1: The tent is designed to comfortably accommodate up to a standard number of people, such as four adults or a family of two adults and two children. Please check the product specifications for the exact capacity.

Q2: Is the tent waterproof and suitable for use in inclement weather?

A2: Yes, the tent is made with waterproof materials and is designed to withstand rain. It also features a rainfly for added protection. However, in extreme weather conditions, additional precautions should be taken.

Q3: How much does the tent weigh and is it suitable for backpacking?

A3: The tent weighs a specific number of pounds, making it a viable option for backpacking. Its compact design when packed also makes it easy to carry over longer distances.

Q4: Is the tent easy to set up and take down?

A4: Yes, the tent has been designed for ease of setup. It features color-coded poles and a simple clip system that can be assembled by most users quickly. Disassembly is just as straightforward, and instructions are included.

Q5: Does the tent provide adequate ventilation?

A5: The tent comes equipped with several mesh windows and a ventilation system to ensure airflow, which helps to reduce condensation and keep the interior comfortable during warmer conditions.

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