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Aluminum Pole Sunshade Camping Car Canopy Ultra Light Beach Tent for Outdoor Activities

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Aluminum Pole Sunshade Camping Car Canopy Ultra Light Beach Tent for Outdoor Activities

Detailed Product Description
Gross Weight: 30kg Top Fabric: Coated Pvc Fabric 750gsm
Pole Material: Aluminum Sunshade Sky Tent: Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent
Life Span: 10-20years Size: Customize
Sunshade Tent: Camping Car Canopy Hiking Camping Tent: Outdoor Beach Tent

Product Description:

Introducing the multifaceted tent solution that caters to a wide range of outdoor activities, offering a sturdy and reliable wilderness abode for enthusiasts and families alike. Our product, a combination of innovation and versatility, serves as an ultra-light boat beach tent, a camping car canopy, a sunproof pet tent, and a bicycle storage room tent. This comprehensive outdoor shelter system is designed to elevate your experience in the great outdoors, whether you're hitting the sandy beaches, setting up a campsite, or simply seeking a dependable family shelter.

The Sunshade Sky Tent is your ultimate ultra-light boat beach tent, crafted with the needs of the beachgoer in mind. It provides ample protection from the sun, allowing you to enjoy the seaside without the worry of harsh UV rays. The tent's lightweight design makes it exceptionally easy to transport and set up, ensuring that your oceanfront or lakeside retreat is hassle-free. The breathable fabric ensures a comfortable and cool environment, even during the peak sunlight hours.

Our Sunshade Tent doubles as a camping car canopy, transforming your vehicle into an extension of your wilderness abode. This incredibly adaptable tent attaches seamlessly to your car, creating an additional living space that is protected from the elements. It's perfect for those who enjoy road trips and prefer the convenience of a mobile campsite. The sturdy construction and reliable connectors, hot-dip galvanized for durability, ensure that your tent remains secure in all weather conditions.

Pet owners will appreciate the Sunproof Pet Tent feature, which offers a safe and shaded area for your furry friends. This innovative component of our tent ensures that your pets can accompany you on your outdoor adventures without the risk of overheating. It serves as a tranquil retreat for your pets to relax while you're enjoying the wilderness or the beach. The pet tent is also made from high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic space for your pets to inhabit.

For cycling enthusiasts, the tent transforms into a Bicycle Storage Room Tent, providing a secure and protective space for your bikes. Whether you're at a campsite or a day out on the trails, this feature allows you to store your bicycles safely and away from potential damage or theft. The robust connectors ensure that your tent stays firmly in place, giving you peace of mind that your equipment is well-protected.

The Hiking Camping Tent aspect of our product makes it an ideal outdoor beach tent for those who love to explore on foot. It's a family shelter that offers comfort and security in the wilderness, with enough space to accommodate everyone. The tent's design considers the unpredictability of outdoor conditions, ensuring that you stay dry during a downpour and cool when the sun is up. The connectors are not only hot-dip galvanized for rust resistance but also engineered for quick and easy setup, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your adventure and less time on assembly.

Our tent is more than just a temporary dwelling; it's a wilderness abode designed for the modern adventurer. It's a family shelter that brings people together under one roof, crafted from premium materials that ensure longevity and performance. The hot-dip galvanized connectors are a testament to our commitment to quality and durability, ensuring that this tent can withstand the trials of the outdoors. Whether you're looking for a beachside haven, a camping annex, a pet sanctuary, a bike storage solution, or a hiking base camp, our tent is the versatile choice for any outdoor enthusiast.


  • Product Name: Tent
  • Life Span: 10-20 years
  • Connectors: Hot-DIP Galvanized
  • Top Fabric: Coated PVC Fabric 750gsm
  • Pole Material: Aluminum
  • Sunshade Sky Tent: Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent
  • Type: Camping Tent
  • Use: Backpacker Refuge

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Sunshade Tent Camping Car Canopy
Hiking Camping Tent Outdoor Beach Tent
Ventilation Mesh Panels
Number Of Windows 2-4
Usage For Outdoor Event And Exhibition
Sunproof Pet Tent Bicycle Storage Room Tent
Connectors Hot-DIP Galvanized
Sunshade Sky Tent Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent
Life Span 10-20years
Materials PVC


The utilization of the latest Tent product, featuring a robust Pole Material made of Aluminum and Connectors that are Hot-DIP Galvanized, ensures a reliable and durable shelter in a variety of outdoor settings. This Sunshade Sky Tent, being an Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent, is ideal for adventurers seeking a versatile roadtrip tent that can easily be transported in a vehicle and set up at a campsite, providing a comfortable and secure base from which to explore the surroundings.

Customization is at the heart of this Tent's design, allowing users to tailor the Size to their specific needs, whether it's for a solo backpacker refuge or a family beach lodge. The Mesh Panels offer exceptional Ventilation, ensuring that even during the heat of summer or the humidity of seaside locales, the interior of the tent remains airy and comfortable. This feature also allows for an unobstructed view of the environment, providing a feeling of openness and connection to nature.

For the beach-goer, this tent acts as a perfect beach lodge, offering respite from the sun while still embracing the seaside ambiance. Its lightweight design means it can easily be carried along sandy shores and set up in a matter of minutes, providing a shaded haven for relaxation and protection from the sun's rays. The special materials used in the construction, such as the Hot-DIP Galvanized connectors, ensure that the tent remains steadfast against coastal winds and resistant to corrosion from saltwater exposure.

Backpackers will appreciate the tent's ultra-light feature, as it can be a significant consideration when packing for long treks. As a backpacker refuge, it offers a comfortable, ventilated space to rest after a day of hiking. The sturdy Aluminum poles ensure the tent's stability in various terrains, whether it's a mountainous landscape or a forest clearing. Its easy assembly and disassembly are key for travelers who need to move from one location to another quickly.

Moreover, the tent's adaptability makes it an excellent choice for road trips. It can be customized in size to accommodate the unique needs of road warriors, whether they're looking for a compact space for quick overnight stops or a larger enclosure for extended stays. The tent's durable materials, including the Aluminum poles, can withstand the rigors of frequent setup and breakdown, making it a reliable roadtrip tent for those who love to explore different destinations.


Pole Material: Experience the stability of our outdoor shelter with high-quality Aluminum poles, ensuring your tent stands firm against the elements.

Gross Weight: Our mountain shelter weighs a manageable 30kg, enabling easy transportation and setup.

Number Of Windows: Customize your ventilation with our outdoor shelter that comes with 2-4 windows, keeping you comfortable in various weather conditions.

Materials: Crafted from durable PVC, our tent promises to withstand the rigors of the outdoors and provide long-lasting protection.

Sunshade Sky Tent: Enjoy the convenience of an Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent, a perfect addition to your outdoor gear for ample sun protection.

Support and Services:

Our Tent Product Technical Support and Services are designed to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your purchase. We provide comprehensive support for any technical issues you may encounter with your tent, as well as guidance on maintenance and care to extend the life of your product. Our services include troubleshooting assistance, product usage tips, and warranty support. For any technical inquiries, please refer to our detailed FAQ section or use our online resources for quick problem resolution. We are committed to providing you with reliable and efficient support to enhance your outdoor adventures.

Packing and Shipping:

The tent is carefully packaged in a durable, weather-resistant carrying case designed to protect the product during transportation. The compact packaging ensures that the tent is secure and compact, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact. The shipping label is prominently displayed on the exterior of the package for easy tracking and delivery.


Q1: How many people can comfortably sleep in the tent?

A1: The tent is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults. However, for optimal comfort, we recommend it for 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults.

Q2: Is the tent waterproof and suitable for use in heavy rain?

A2: Yes, the tent is made with a waterproof material and has sealed seams to keep you dry during heavy rain. However, in extreme weather conditions, additional waterproofing measures may be advisable.

Q3: Can the tent be easily set up by one person?

A3: The tent is designed for easy setup and can typically be assembled by one person. However, having an additional person can make the process quicker and smoother, especially in windy conditions.

Q4: Does the tent have any ventilation features to prevent condensation?

A4: Yes, the tent is equipped with multiple ventilation points, including mesh windows and vents to ensure good airflow and minimize condensation inside the tent.

Q5: Is the tent suitable for all four seasons or is it better for specific times of the year?

A5: The tent is primarily designed for three-season use – spring, summer, and fall. It can withstand moderate weather conditions but may not be suitable for harsh winter environments with heavy snowfall or extremely low temperatures.

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