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Ventilated Event Exhibition Tent with Windows PVC Fabric 750gsm Mesh Panels

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Ventilated Event Exhibition Tent with Windows PVC Fabric 750gsm Mesh Panels

Detailed Product Description
Number Of Windows: 2-4 Materials: PVC
Usage: For Outdoor Event And Exhibition Size: Customize
Ventilation: Mesh Panels Hiking Camping Tent: Outdoor Beach Tent
Capacity: 2-8 Person Top Fabric: Coated Pvc Fabric 750gsm

Product Description:

Introducing our state-of-the-art camping tent, designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your outdoor experiences are elevated to the next level of comfort and reliability. Our tent, crafted from top-grade coated PVC fabric weighing 750gsm, is the epitome of durability and weather resistance. Whether you're setting up a stall at an outdoor event, showcasing your products at an exhibition, or seeking a wilderness abode, this tent stands as an unyielding fortress against the elements.

The gross weight of 30kg makes it a solid structure yet still manageable to transport to various outdoor locations. From the beach to the mountain top, our tent is versatile enough to cater to all your adventurous needs. Its robust construction doesn't compromise on portability, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who value both strength and mobility in their hiking teepee.

Our tent is not just an ordinary camping tent; it is an ultra-light boat beach tent designed to provide a sunshade sky tent experience. Imagine setting up by the tranquil waters, the sun casting a warm glow over the horizon, and you, sheltered from the heat under the canopy of our splendid tent. The material reflects sunlight and provides a cool, shaded area for relaxation or socialization. It's perfect for those long days at the beach when you need a break from the sun but don't want to miss a moment of the seaside serenity.

For the hikers and trekkers, our tent serves as the ultimate hiking camping tent. After a day spent traversing the rugged trails and soaking in the panoramic views, our tent provides a haven where you can unwind. The convenience of setting it up as an outdoor beach tent means that even on the softest sands or the most uneven grounds, you'll have a stable shelter in no time. The wilderness abode you've been dreaming of is now a reality with our tent's unparalleled stability and ease of assembly.

The coated PVC fabric not only makes the tent waterproof but also ensures that it stands strong against wear and tear. With a hefty 750gsm fabric, the tent remains impervious to punctures and rips that are common in lesser quality tents. This fabric is specifically chosen to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring your investment remains secure no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

When it comes to setting up the tent for your outdoor event or exhibition, the convenience is unmatched. The design is such that it minimizes setup time, allowing you to focus on the event itself rather than the logistics of shelter. The sturdy frame and secure anchoring system mean that once it's up, it stays up, providing a reliable and professional-looking structure that enhances the ambiance of any outdoor setting.

For those who love to immerse themselves in nature, our tent is the quintessential wilderness abode, providing the perfect balance between outdoor immersion and the comforts of home. Whether used as a camping tent, hiking teepee, or outdoor beach tent, it offers the versatility demanded by the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Its sleek design and functional features ensure that wherever you set it up, you'll have a comfortable, protective, and enjoyable basecamp.

In conclusion, our ultra-light boat beach tent is much more than a mere shelter; it's an investment in your outdoor lifestyle. It's a sunshade sky tent that will guard you against the scorching sun, a hiking camping tent that will serve as your cozy retreat after a day's adventure, and an outdoor beach tent that will be the envy of every beachgoer. Get ready to explore, exhibit, and enjoy with our top-notch tent, your partner in every outdoor endeavor.



  • Product Name: Tent
  • Type: Hiking Camping Tent - Outdoor Beach Tent
  • Size: Customize
  • Number Of Windows: 2-4
  • Function: Sunshade Tent - Camping Car Canopy
  • Connectors: Hot-DIP Galvanized
  • Designated Use: Wilderness Abode
  • Environment Compatibility: Mountain Shelter

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Life Span 10-20 years
Product Type Sunproof Pet Tent: Bicycle Storage Room Tent
Sunshade Sky Tent: Ultra Light Boat Beach Tent
Usage For Outdoor Event And Exhibition
Capacity 2-8 Person
Number Of Windows 2-4
Gross Weight 30kg
Top Fabric Coated PVC Fabric 750gsm
Connectors Hot-DIP Galvanized
Materials PVC


The versatility of our Customizable Aluminum-Poled Tent extends across a variety of applications and scenarios, suited not only to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts but also to provide practical solutions for unconventional uses. Whether you are a seasoned backpacker seeking refuge after a long day's hike or a family embarking on a cross-country road trip, our tent serves as a reliable accommodation that can be tailored to your size preferences. The robust aluminum pole material ensures a sturdy and durable structure, capable of withstanding the unpredictable elements of the great outdoors.

Imagine setting up camp in the heart of the mountains, with our tent acting as a mountain shelter, shielding you from the harsh winds and providing a cozy haven amidst the rugged terrain. The tent's sunproof design becomes an invaluable feature as it protects you from the intense rays at high altitudes. Not to be overlooked, the 2-4 windows incorporated into the design offer not only ventilation but also panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, allowing you to stay connected with nature while enjoying the comforts of your temporary mountain abode.

Beyond the traditional uses, the tent also finds its place as a novel solution for cyclists in need of a bicycle storage room tent. The customizable size allows for sufficient space to house bicycles securely, while the hot-dip galvanized connectors provide the strength needed to ensure that both the tent and its contents remain safe and intact. After a long day of cycling, rest assured knowing your gear is protected from the elements and ready for your next adventure.

Not only does our tent serve as a roadtrip tent, providing a mobile and comfortable living space that can be pitched at a moment's notice, but it also doubles as a backpacker refuge. The lightweight aluminum poles make it an ideal companion for those hiking through trails and setting up camp in remote areas. The easy assembly and disassembly mean that no time is wasted, allowing backpackers to maximize their daylight hours exploring the wilderness.

This tent is more than just a place to sleep; it's a versatile, dependable, and adaptable structure designed to cater to a wide range of outdoor scenarios. Whether facing the elements on a mountainous trek, enjoying a family road trip, or securing your cycling equipment, our Customizable Aluminum-Poled Tent is the ultimate outdoor accessory that promises to enhance your experience in the great outdoors.



Our Tent product offers a range of customization services to fit your outdoor adventure needs. With Connectors that are Hot-DIP Galvanized , durability and longevity are guaranteed, making it an ideal choice for a roadtrip tent . Whether you're setting up camp on the beach or in the mountains, our Hiking Camping Tent functions perfectly as an Outdoor Beach Tent or a hiking teepee , providing a comfortable refuge in nature.

Understanding the importance of ventilation, we offer a customizable Number Of Windows option, allowing you to choose between 2-4 windows for your personal mountain shelter. Size is also no constraint, as we provide the flexibility to Customize the dimensions of your tent to suit your specific requirements, whether you require a compact tent for solo trips or a larger space for group camping.

For pet owners and cyclists, our tent doubles as a Sunproof Pet Tent or a Bicycle Storage Room Tent , ensuring that your furry friends or precious bikes are sheltered from the elements. Choose our tent for a versatile, reliable, and customizable outdoor experience.


Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Tent product. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality support for your purchase. Our Product Technical Support and Services offer a range of solutions to ensure your tent performs to your expectations and you can enjoy your outdoor adventures without any concerns.

Assembly Guidance: If you need help with setting up your tent, our comprehensive instruction manual provides step-by-step guidance. Additionally, you can find online video tutorials on our website that will walk you through the setup process.

Maintenance Tips: To keep your tent in top condition, we provide detailed care instructions. Learn how to clean your tent, how to properly store it, and tips for prolonging its lifespan. Regular maintenance can help prevent issues and keep your tent ready for your next trip.

Troubleshooting Assistance: Should you encounter any problems with your tent, our troubleshooting guide can help you identify and solve common issues. For more complex problems, our support team is ready to assist you with personalized advice.

Replacement Parts: In the event that any component of your tent needs to be replaced, we offer a selection of replacement parts. Visit our website to locate and order the correct parts for your model, ensuring a perfect fit and continued performance.

Warranty Service: Our tents come with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. If you believe your tent has a manufacturing defect, please consult our warranty policy and follow the outlined procedure to receive service.

Product Feedback: We value your feedback and continuously work to improve our products. If you have any suggestions or comments, please share them with us. Your input is crucial to our development and customer satisfaction efforts.

For any other inquiries or specialized assistance not covered here, please refer to our customer service section. We are dedicated to providing you with timely and helpful support to ensure a positive experience with our Tent product.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

Our tent comes securely packaged in a durable, weather-resistant carrying bag with reinforced stitching. The bag features adjustable straps for easy transportation and a clear label displaying the product details and handling instructions.

Shipping Details:

The tent is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box to prevent damage during transit. The box is sealed with heavy-duty tape and labeled with the appropriate shipping information, including tracking number and fragile handling warnings if necessary. We ensure that the package is dispatched through a reliable courier service to guarantee safe and timely delivery to your destination.



Q1: How many people can comfortably sleep in this tent?

A1: This tent is designed to comfortably accommodate up to four adults. However, for optimal comfort, we recommend no more than three adults or a family of two adults and two children.

Q2: Is the tent waterproof and suitable for use in the rain?

A2: Yes, the tent is made with a waterproof material and has a rainfly for additional protection. It is designed to keep you dry during moderate to heavy rainfalls.

Q3: Can this tent be easily set up by one person?

A3: While it's always easier to set up a tent with two people, this tent has been designed with simplicity in mind. One person can set it up, though it may take a little longer than with assistance.

Q4: Does the tent have any form of ventilation system?

A4: Yes, the tent is equipped with multiple ventilation points including mesh windows and a mesh ceiling panel to ensure a steady airflow and to reduce condensation inside the tent.

Q5: What is the packed size and weight of the tent, making it suitable for backpacking?

A5: The tent packs down to a compact size of 24 inches by 8 inches and weighs approximately 6 pounds, making it suitable for backpacking trips where weight and space are considerations.

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